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Hotpoint Washing Machine Error Codes

Error codes on your washing machine indicate that there is a problem. This guide helps you identify what each error code means and suggests the action you should take.

Common Hotpoint Washing Machine Error Codes

F10 – No Cold Fill

If your machine is showing this error then you need to check that the taps are on. It could also be a kink or blockage in the hose. If the hose is the problem and it needs to be replaced, you can buy fill & drain hoses at BuySpares. If you can‘t identify the cause of the problem, book a Hotpoint washing machine repair with appliance repair specialists Repaircare.

F11 – No Hot Fill

In the event of this error you should check that the taps are on and that there is no obvious sign of obstruction or twist in the hose. You can buy replacement fill & drain hoses at BuySpares. If you have checked the aforementioned and still the error persists it is advisable to book a Hotpoint washing machine repair.

F12 – No Mixed Fill

This error is likely to indicate that the taps are not turned on, but there are several other possible causes of the fault, including faulty inlet valves. If you’re not able to locate the cause of the error yourself, it’s time to call in the professionals.

F13 – Inlet fault or machine filling too slowly

Check the taps are on and then check the hoses and valves for signs of damage or blockage. You can buy Hotpoint washing machine spare parts at BuySpares. If you need the help of a profession we suggest you contact Repaircare for a fixed price Hotpoint washing machine repair.

F14 – Water Heating Error

This error code usually indicates that there is an error with the heating element or thermistor.  You are likely to need the assistance of a professional repair service.

F15 – Water not being pumped away

This error has the potential to cause a flood risk as the water is not being pumped away. The likely cause of the error is a blockage or obstruction in the hose. You should also check that drain hose is raised to at least the recommended minimum height.

F16 – High Water Level

It is important that you switch off or disconnect the water supply if this fault code occurs. You should check if the inlet valve or water level sensor needs to be replaced. If this error code is shown, you should contact a repair professional.

F17 – Door Not Closed Properly

If the door is not closing it may be a fault with the interlock. You can purchase a replacement from BuySpares.

F20/21 – Fault with the thermistor resistance

The ambient temperature could be below freezing, it is usually best to book a Hotpoint washing machine repair if this error code is shown.

F30/31 – Motor Error

If the error occurs then you should try to run the programme again, but a persistent problem will need to be looked at by a professional. A F30/31 error code can indicate a fault with the carbon brushes, drive belt, motor relay or PCB. You can buy spares for your Hotpoint washing machine at BuySpares.

F40 – Low water level during the heating cycle

Check that the water pressure is high enough to fill the machine within the time limit, also check the inlet valve and water level sensor. If you cannot detect the cause of the error contact Repaircare for a fixed price Hotpoint washing machine repair.

F41 – Water Level Detection Error

F50/51 – Programming Error

The model specific language and programme codes have not been saved or loaded correctly. You need to consult a professional to get the appliance reprogrammed.

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